first notes about weex

this.$openURL :forward to page
this.$vm(id) : If child component have id attribute, you can access the context of the child component by this.$vm(id)
this.$el(id) : find an element by this.$el(id)

Here are three types of root component we support now:

container : a common native container
scroller : a native scroll view
list : a native cell-reusable list view
Only these type of components are allowed for root element.

prototype methods: $xxx

items.$set 触发数组内元素的属性变化
items=[] 触发数组变化

this.$emit(type,message) : trigger event on current component
this.$on(type,handler) or events:{}in viewmodel : subscribe event on current component
this.$off(?) : remove event handler
this.$broadcast([String type], [Object detail]) : broadcast message to all of children
this.$dispatch([String type], [Object detail]) : Children component can use this.$dispatch([String type], [Object detail]) method passing information to parent component

this._patent : patent component