C# 装箱(boxing)与拆箱(unboxing) ToString VS boxing

In the .NET framework, there are two species of types–value types and reference types. This is relatively common in OO languages.

One of the important features of object oriented languages is the ability to handle instances in a type-agnostic manner. This is referred to as polymorphism. Since we want to take advantage of polymorphism, but we have two different species of types, there has to be some way to bring them together so we can handle one or the other the same way.

Now, back in the olden days (1.0 of Microsoft.NET), there weren’t this newfangled generics hullabaloo. You couldn’t write a method that had a single argument that could service a value type and a reference type. That’s a violation of polymorphism. So boxing was adopted as a means to coerce a value type into an object.

If this wasn’t possible, the framework would be littered with methods and classes whose only purpose was to accept the other species of type. Not only that, but since value types don’t truly share a common type ancestor, you’d have to have a different method overload for each value type (bit, byte, int16, int32, etc etc etc).


ou’ve already got answers telling you that when ToString() is overridden for a value type, there will be no boxing when you call it, but it’s nice to have some way of actually seeing that.

Take the type int? (Nullable). This is a useful type because it is a value type, yet boxing may produce a null reference, and instance methods cannot be called through a null reference. It does have an overridden ToString() method. It does not have (and cannot have) an overridden GetType() method.

int? i = null;
var s = i.ToString(); // okay: initialises s to “”
var t = i.GetType(); // not okay: throws NullReferenceException

This shows that there is no boxing in the call i.ToString(), but there is boxing in the call i.GetType().



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